Project Solar – Phase 1

So back last year after being inspired at Fully Charged and seeing how far solar had some we at long last decided to get some quotes.

This process took some time and eventually after being introduced to the national sales manager at Solar Plants and seeing their app to show expected yield it was impressive. I did some of the maths myself to back this up and it all seems to be in line which made me happy.

It was then a few late nights going through all the quotes and trying to compare them and if anything its like the IT world everyone had different values and ways of doing it.

With the impending Feed In Tariff ending (FiT) we decided to pull the trigger with the quote we got with Solar Plants as it was by far the clearest line by line pretty much a fixed install cost for a February install. Due to this some of the bits we wanted just were not available yet hence the Phase 1 and the other bits are on their way later this year, that being the Zappi V2 and battery storage

I think the term anxious does not cover it as until it was on the roof and generating I was always worried this was a massive outlay, the one way I now think about it is we are getting paid to generate and consume where we can and anything we do not use we get paid to export it and either way we would have paid money to an energy firm of the next so many years anyway so why not try and generate it ourselves

I would go day by day through the install but I think the below time lapse video sums this up pretty well

I know myself and the wife were very happy with the install as you can see

Something I need to cover in another post is Eddi which also uses our excess PV to heat up our hot water as a massive solar battery which is pretty cool

We had a few teething issues but I have to say SolarPlants did one thing that many company do not do these days and take full ownership! Even for the bits outside of their control which was amazing and refreshing to see!

Just before the scaffolding came down we had out little friend OctiPi give the system a once over

I will follow up all the techy bits in another post about cost savings etc but even in the first two months of ownership we have produced over 2MWh of clean energy for use in the house

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