Intelligent Tesla Wall Charger Proof of concept

With all the solar going in and pending the wait on our Zappi device I did wonder if there way anything I could do the in mean time. After a bit of googling searching I came across this GitHub repository which seemed to hit the nail on the head I quickly scurried round the house to find a spare RaspberryPi and started to put all this together. Once I had it all up and running in the house I did a dry run and most things seemed to work as expected but for some reason I had to run the scripts manually and every time my SSH session ended so did the Python. I did even try another RaspberryPi (I now have this running on an old V2 board) following it line by line again. But here it is WARNING!:- The next steps should be done by a competent person or please ensure you make the area safe and shut of any power sources. I am not liable for any damage to yourself or the units throughout any part of this process Here is also a link to the USB to serial adaptor I used and appears to be … Continue reading Intelligent Tesla Wall Charger Proof of concept