Intelligent Tesla Wall Charger Proof of concept

With all the solar going in and pending the wait on our Zappi device I did wonder if there way anything I could do the in mean time.

After a bit of googling searching I came across this GitHub repository which seemed to hit the nail on the head


I quickly scurried round the house to find a spare RaspberryPi and started to put all this together. Once I had it all up and running in the house I did a dry run and most things seemed to work as expected but for some reason I had to run the scripts manually and every time my SSH session ended so did the Python.

I did even try another RaspberryPi (I now have this running on an old V2 board) following it line by line again. But here it is

WARNING!:- The next steps should be done by a competent person or please ensure you make the area safe and shut of any power sources. I am not liable for any damage to yourself or the units throughout any part of this process

Here is also a link to the USB to serial adaptor I used and appears to be working with the currently build https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MAXTMNI/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_Nvt-CbGDPH42J

The wire then goes of and into the serial port in the Tesla Wall Connector

Make a note of what your install set the dial to but it needs to be set to F when using the TWC. You can even daisy chain and control the TWC units but taking another wire from the out into another one

Finally you can fire it all up and it should all start to talk to one another. If you have a blinking red light on the TWC or the a message on the portal stating Timed out waiting for response from TWCManager script its failed to start. For me this was there permissions on the script so I ran the below and rebooted

sudo chmod +x ~/TWC/TWCManager.py

If everything is now working you should see this

I have also done a video showing how you can then change the amperage

If you are lucky enough to have a Tesla Power Wall you can then login and this talks to the car and the PW and can tell when you are exporting and it being full so diverts any excess PV to the car

At the moment I mainly use this to take advantage of the night time rates I have and if there is solar check my Smart Meter and then try and match the export amperage and means I do not need to run to the car and change it 🙂

I am working on some 3rd party CT clamps or APIs for SolarEdge or Zappi so I can also perform the same without the battery

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