A post lost in the past Fully Charged 2018

So over the weekend of the 9th& 10thJune I was very fortunate to be able to attend Fully Charged Live and man the Ecotricity stand. It was very nice to be greeted by the Nemesis and learn a little more about its history.


Firstly, I did not expect to be it quite as busy as it was and the team there did an amazing job of keeping things running smoothly so congratulations to them.

During the weekend the stand was always quite busy as we were next to the entrance so we engaged with quite a crowd and managed to have some very interesting chats with people attending the event. We had a massive mix of questions, feedback and criticisms about what we do, what we plan to do and also dialogue about electric vehicle take up. I certainly hope we help people understand and convey a positive message.

It was also not too surprising that the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe seemed to be the most popular vehicles to be taken up and what people were looking into. The other interesting thing I found was many people were not aware of charging options at home so I did a fair amount of talking about our Fully Charged Bundle that you can get fully installed for £99. Of course it doesn’t also take into account the savings for use of our Electric highway. I also had to the opportunity to chat with people about our new EcoTalk mobile solution that support our bees to ensure the wildlife is healthy.

It was also nice to know some of the success stories of some of the EV users who used their cars for day to day travels or long distance holiday travel. When it came to the cars at the show I was very impressed with the new and some of the amazing rebuilds of the older cars. A few of my favorites are here


I have to say all the vendors were extremely approachable and knowledgeable as during my brief time off the stand I was able to start looking into my ability to see how much I can live off-grid or as sustainably as possible from an EV front.  The nice thing here is I was made aware of some really clever chargers such as the Zappi that I could export my Solar directly to the car if there was no demand in the house or my battery storage and essentially allowing a trickle charge where possible depending on conditions resulting in essentially guilt-free sustainable solar driving for most days.  Another project that really caught my eye being in IT was the openenergymonitor.org project very close to one of my own projects openhomelab.org but this provides a platform to understand electricity monitoring and how sustainable your house is. I know I will certainly be researching all this over the coming months so I can see how I am doing.

Overall, I think the event was great and I am eagerly waiting for the dates for next year as I would love to attend again. All the people who attended were friendly and took time to engage with one another. The bit that took me off guard a little was I was not expecting to see anyone from the tech communities I usually frequent in but it was nice to see a familiar face and know the two worlds have similar synergies. I know I bumped into various EV celebrities of whom I follow on Twitter and managed to at least say hello. But it was also nice to know that even Robert was happy to come see us and one of his close friends Danny John-Jules was there supporting him during the event came over to see what we did so that was personally massive for me as I have been a fan of their works and had a chance to convey the Ecotricity message.

I was also very big thankful to Spark+Volt

If you are on the cusp of buying an EV or plan to create a more ecological house I would highly suggest getting next years dates in your calendar or watch the sessions and their previous videos on their YouTube channel

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